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Moth Rope Nights

Moth Rope Nights

Moth Rope Nights are a modern nod to the avant-garde spirit of the mid-20th century underground scenes when rope bondage events, as well as other events presenting non-mainstream presentations of eroticism needed to operate underground. Join our regular evenings, offering a space for enthusiasts to meet, socialize and play.

Whether you're drawn by the aesthetics of Shibari, or you seek a more emotional connection through the art of tying and being tied, you can switch the outside world off for a few hours  and just tune in to the beautiful atmosphere of Art Island ( Taidesaari ) for a moment.

Come to tie, watch,  draw and do other art, socialize, dance and charge your mental batteries 🙂

What to Expect (but not invariably included):

  • A welcoming environment for both the curious and the experienced Shibari practitioners.
  • Opportunities to practice and learn.
  • Session like performances from local community members and visiting guests.
  • Artist talks
  • A night set to a backdrop of music, fostering relaxation and inspiration.
  • A safe space, emphasizing respect, trust, and mutual understanding.
  • open atmosphere for doing your own rope bondage sessions.
  • Cafeteria with coffee/tea/snacks for a small fee.
  • DJs / Live soundscapes

Check the evening specific news from front page / Instagram (@studio_moth)

Please note: This is an inclusive and respectful event. All participants are expected to uphold a space of mutual respect and understanding. Read more about etiquette and negotiating from Studio Moth website.

Unfortunately there is no barrier-free access to the space. Accessible only by stairs to second floor.


How much participating costs?

10€ / visit. You can buy a ticket from online shop or pay with mobilepay/cash on arrival. If paying on site, please let the organizer know beforehand that you are coming.

Do I need a tying partner before I visit?

It is not necessary to have tying partner ready but if you want to make sure you get to do some tying you should find one beforehand. There is always an obligatory starting circle in beginning of the evening for going through rules and etiquette. You can use the opportunity there to introduce yourself and what your expectations and wishes for the evening are.

How to get there?

There is plenty of parking space in front of the studio for those coming by car and local bus no.1 comes to the closest stop AMIRAALI E, from where it is a few minutes’ walk to Tikkutehtaantie 2. There is a Studio Moth sign next to the door. The entry is just next to the big chimney (check the maps screenshot on the bottom).

Do I need own ropes?

There are communal ropes you can use.

What if I just want to follow from the distance?

That is absolutely fine! Evenings are for socializing and having a good time. You can just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere.

A bit nervous of coming alone

Do not worry! The core idea of Rope Nights is to be an open, relaxed, warm and permissive space for everyone. You can come without any preconceptions to meet people with similar interests.

Etiquette & Session negotiations

Get familiar with etiquette and preparing for a session – Negotiation