Sufi dance & Meditation Workshop – Sat 18.3.23


Students and other with low income: 35€  (use coupon “discount” at the check out.

You are very welcome regardless of your gender to join the introductory workshop to Sufi dance and meditation at Studio Moth culture venue Kappeli.

The workshop is guided by Safa Solati, a Persian Sufi dancer who has been studying Persian dances for many years and for the past 6 years she has dedicated herself to Sufi dance. She moved back to Finland in 2020 after having lived in Italy for five years studying dance with different dance instructors including Ziya Azazi the modern Sufi dancer who has given Sufi dance a new definition.

Sat 18.3.23 , klo. 16-18

Workshop duration 2 hours.

Exact timetables for the day will be announced soon.

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In order to understand the dance one must be still. And in order to truly understand stillness one must dance.

About Sufi Whirling;
While whirling existed before Rumi it is his devotion to whirling and dance that make it such an important part of the practices of the Mevlevi.

Whirling is an active meditation. While we whirl, there is a sense of loss of the mind and the ego – the ‘I’ that represents us diminishes in the movement. The heavy skirts of the Sufis represent the ego, as the skirt lifts by the movement of the dancer. The skirt is also made of the same cloth that Sufis are buried in, symbolizing their intention to ‘Die before you die’ – meaning, to be released from the ego and unified with the Universe in this life.

A few things to keep in mind:
— We will start with warm up exercises and stretching, make sure you wear comfortable clothes.
– Make sure that you have a little bit of space around you and other participants
– If you don’t have a Sufi skirt, any skirt with a lot of fabric will do. If these are not available, any loose
clothes will do.
– Socks are helpful.
– Eat light, do not eat 2 hours prior to the event.
– Whirl at your own speed – you’ll feel more confident after trying it for a while!
– Some people experience nausea or dizziness, but that should go away after a few times.