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Moth Ropes

Moth ropes is our brand of boutique shibari ropes made to perfection at our studio in Vaajakoski, Jyväskylä.

Our ropes are individually prepared by us for you by hand with every rope going through an extensive treatment process to ensure the highest quality product possible. what we sell is what we use ourselves after years of experimenting with different ropes and conditioning processes.

It all starts from making sure that the rope we use is ideal for rope bondage, meaning that the lay ratio of the manufactured rope is a good match between feeling soft enough but is not too easy to damage.

Very important aspect to pay attention to is batching oil, which is the medium sprayed onto loose jute filaments before piling to soften them ahead of yarn manufacturing. Cheap mineral oil (JBO) is commonly used in jute rope manufacturing which is toxic. If your rope smells of kerosene, it contains JBO.

Moth ropes are batched using 100% cold-pressed soybean oil.

Fresh jute is naturally hairy and it dusts a lot. We use several methods to reduce the loose fibres of the rope to a minimum. We also blend a mix of organic beeswax and Jojoba oil to our rope to create a silky feel with  a subtle scent of honey and a bit of friction to rope without being sticky.

We make sure that our processing damages the integrity of the rope as little as possible. Therefore soaking, boiling, or baking is not a part of our workflow.